Jul 092018

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your outpouring of love and prayers, cards and delicious foods has completely surrounded and supported us during this time of healing from Ken’s fall which injured his ribs, tore some muscles, and broke some bones in my foot. I am reminded daily of the tagline from Thistle Farms, an incredible non-profit in Nashville, “Love Heals Every Body.” Thank you for your love which is helping us to heal.

The love in the community of this church family is such an amazing gift. I feel your love for each other when you enter worship, when you share a Family Fun Day, Retreat, or a Kirk Night together, when you listen to your Sr. Highs deliver the sermon, and whenever you get together. The love of Christ is among you, and you see and feel this, too.

In this month of July, we will be exploring the many gifts of your congregation. We will be looking at where you have been and where you believe God is calling you to go. This exploring is all part of the search process to call your next pastor.

You have already begun this process with the election of your Pastor Nominating Committee, called the PNC. On June 17th at your Congregational Meeting, you elected: Carolyn Bell, Jed Cockrell, Alan Cole, Caroline Czerkawski, Brian Hege, Donna McNeil, Geoff Pagett, and Linda Grace York. They will begin training this month as well as attending your Focus Groups.

Your Focus Groups are scheduled this month on the 17th and 18th, as well as the 24th and 25th. Every church member is asked to sign up to attend ONE Focus Group, if you are able. The Focus Groups are limited to 12 members each and are 90 minutes long. Choose the time that suits your schedule, and come with an open spirit.

Some folks have asked if spouses should come together and that is clearly your choice. Some have asked if they can sign up with their friends or Sunday School Class members—of course you can! Just remember the maximum of any group is 12. If all the groups completely fill up, I will add an additional group so that you all get a turn to express your understanding of where you feel God is leading this church. Hearing from all of you is vital to guide NWPC on this journey.

This whole, long process through elections and Focus Groups, interviewing and examining, must be held in prayer. This is not a situation where you go out and just hire a pastor. It is a very different process, you CALL a pastor. In fact, God calls the pastor through your and their discernment. I do not believe you could go through this process faithfully without prayer. Please pray for your PNC, pray for NWPC, pray for whomever God will call to serve here.

If you are able, please come to the newly-formed prayer group on Wednesday mornings from 11:30-12:00 to pray. Everyone is welcome. Some of us will pray out loud; many of us will pray silently. Come join us in the sanctuary for a time of prayer.

You have a wonderful journey ahead of you,


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