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The North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church sent a delegation of 28 youth and adults to Cosby, TN for a mission project partnering with the Sunset Gap Community Center during the week of June 27th-July 3rd.

Cosby, TN is a small rural community near Newport, TN.  The Sunset Gap Community Center is a Christian-based organization designed to unite people of all faiths and provides programs that contribute to the physical, social, economic and spiritual growth of the people of Cocke and Sevier Counties.  The county lines of these two counties split the Sunset Gap Community Center in half with half the building in Cocke County and the other half in Sevier County.

            The North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church Mission Team went to the Sunset Gap Community with two goals in mind.  Goal number one was to provide a Vacation Bible School experience for the children of that area.  The second goal was to provide labor for construction projects.

            The Bible School Team led, on average, 20 children through a Bible School experience.  The ages of the children ranged from 2 years old to 13 years old.  The theme of the Bible School was based on the scripture passage Luke 5:10.  The Bible School activities included skits, music, energizers, arts and crafts, Bible Stories, recreation, and snacks.

The mission team also had a group that spent their day building decks.  The team built two decks on two different houses.  One deck at a new construction site and a second deck at an existing home.

The mission team from North Wilkesboro was not the only churches represented at Sunset Gap.  There were also mission teams from Michigan, South Carolina, and Iowa that the North Wilkesboro Group met and worked with.

David Smithey, Interim Director of Christian Education at North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church commented, “I was so proud of our team with how hard they worked and with the energy with which they served.  It was absolutely impressive.  They represented our church very well”. 

Members of the North Wilkesboro Team included: Kris Carlton, Breanna Cheap, Rebecca Czerkawski, Evan Day, Julianna Franklin, Owen Goetz, Paula Hernandez, Corey Higgins, Meredith Hubbard, Miles Hubbard, Eric Miller, Dave’l Monroe, Rex Reynolds, Parks Smithey, Summer Wingler, Hannah Trawick, Olivia VanBuskirk, Cole Wright, Penny Musson, Cathy Hubbard, Traci Frazier, Gerald Lankford, Drew Czerkawski, Mike Franklin, Sarah Shoemaker, Josh Welborn, Sid Crunk, and David Smithey.

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