Nov 222015

Mission and OutreachSunday, November 29th our church will continue the making of Gifts of the Heart Hygiene Kits for flood victims in South Carolina and throughout the Southeast.  Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is still present and working in these hard hit flood damaged communities.

The Mission and Outreach Committee of NWPC will be hosting a Hygiene Kit packing station at this year’s Advent Celebration to continue to assist with this natural disaster.

The Advent Celebration will be Sunday, November 29th beginning at 3:00 PM and concluding at 5:00 PM.  We are asking everyone to please come and contribute to the work of providing assistance and hope to the flood victims still reeling from the floods of this summer and fall.

We hope to pack 200 Hygiene Kits during this year’s Advent Celebration.  We have items left over from our last Hygiene Kit Packing Project but in order to pack 200 kits we will need this many of the following items:
Hand Towels-200
Wash Cloths-100
Nail Clippers-200
Wide Tooth Combs-100
Individually wrapped toothbrushes-200
Bath Size Bar Soap-100

We ask that you please consider a donation of items as well as your time to our effort.
Donations of items will be received at the church in the fellowship hall until Wednesday, November 25th by 4 PM.
Donations may also be brought to the Thanksgiving worship service at 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 26th or donations will be accepted on the day of the Advent Celebration., November 29th.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help and be a part of bringing hope to a people who may feel very alone and forgotten.

The Mission and Outreach Committee
North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church

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