Sep 272018

Dear NWPC Family,

One evening last fall, Kenny and I found ourselves sitting in downtown Wilkesboro in front of a newly built stage as strands of little lights twinkled and crisscrossed overhead. A group called The Krüger Brothers began to play, and I was transported:

“I’ve seen sunsets on the ocean. I’ve seen the desert bloom.

I’ve driven endless highways beneath the prairie moon.

Yet, the picture in my mind I see when I think about it all

Is the color of the leaves in Carolina in the Fall.”

Carolina in the Fall by the Krüger Brothers

As fall comes to the Carolinas, these words play over and over in my mind. Every time I hear them, I am even more thankful for this amazing part of the country in which we live. I understand why you call it, “God’s Country.”

These words also remind me of the passage of time and the change of the seasons. This month, we will celebrate 125 years of the North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church! It is clearly a time to give thanks to God for the journey of the life of this congregation! Be sure that you participate in all the upcoming events!

With the marking of a major anniversary, we cannot help but to be reminded of the passage of time. Some of you have been part of this church your whole life long; many of you have worshiped here for years; and all of you have wonderful stories to share! In sharing these stories, you realize that you are not the church that you once were, and you are not presently the church that you will become in the future. The church of Jesus Christ changes, as the color of the leaves do. We change because we are alive. We are the body of Christ whose living Spirit dwells deep within us.

This same Spirit has been present with this church for 125 years, and we trust God to lead this church into the next 125 years and beyond. NWPC is clearly in a time of transition, but isn’t the church always? Isn’t life always changing? Isn’t it exciting to watch what God is doing in our midst?!

This month we have so much to celebrate! We have so many reasons to give thanks to God! And along with everything else, we get to experience “the color of the leaves in Carolina in the Fall.”



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