Mar 202019

The culture in Corinth conflicted greatly with the lifestyle that the Apostle Paul proclaimed to those who chose to follow Jesus. In the same way, the church today is called to proclaim the gospel in every environment, showing the world what it looks like when we give our lives to Jesus.

Filmed on location in Israel and Greece, in the Cultures in Conflict Study, Teacher Ray Vander Laan in this 16th volume of the That The World May Know ® film series, addresses how you live in a culture where the worldview conflicts with Christianity.

The schedule for these sessions to be shared during Kirk Night is as follows:

March 20 – Turning Weakness into Strength filmed in Israel and Corinth, Greece

March 27 – The Lord’s Supper: Discerning the Body filmed in Greece

April 3 – Transforming the Chaos filmed in Corinth, Greece

I believe you will enjoy these lessons and gain new insights into Jesus’ world and life through the eyes of Ray Vander Laan.  A historian and teacher who sets his teachings in the framework of what the Jewish people encountering Jesus and his message would have heard, Ray provides messages that will encourage you to look at the Bible in a new way.

Then on:

April 24 – Who Is This Man: Three Days That Changed The World by John Ortberg

Presbyterian Minister, John Ortberg, reveals how Jesus and Christianity came to make an inescapable influence on our world, and how we as Christians can make a difference too.

Please join us for all, or just one, of these lessons on Kirk Night at 6:30 pm.

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