Sep 272019

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in peace. (Psalm 133:1) On September 21, NWPC’s Mission and Outreach Committee hosted international peacemaker, the Rev. Arlington Trotman, a Methodist minister from England. His work as CEO of Churches’ Commission for Racial Justice involved travel and work in the United Kingdom and Europe. His visit to our church is part of PCUSA-sponsored visit to the United States by 14 international peacemakers.

As we face challenging times in peacemaking and racial justice, here is a summary of my impressions and learnings from this gathering that may shape the work before us:

 *confront the sad consequences of our past actions of injustice;

*commit to seeing all humanity as beloved and valued children of God;

*challenge ourselves to demonstrate kindness in all our conversations and activities; and,

*convince ourselves and others we are the best and most authentic version of ourselves through our relationship with Jesus Christ who helps us be better and do better than we ever thought possible.

A lot to digest! But, well within our calling as Christians.

In His love, Steve

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