Mar 302020

The LORD said to Aaron, “Go into the wilderness to meet Moses.” So he went; and he met him at the mountain of God and kissed him. Moses told Aaron all the words of the LORD with which he had sent him, and all the signs with which he had charged him. Then Moses and Aaron went and assembled all the elders of the Israelites. Aaron spoke all the words that the LORD had spoken to Moses, and performed the signs in the sight of the people. The people believed; and when they heard that the LORD had given heed to the Israelites and that he had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped. (Exodus 4:27–31)

These verses are the culmination of Moses’ call story. God has spoken to Moses in the flames of the burning bush; Moses has made his excuses about why he cannot do what God wants him to do; and now, God grants Moses’ request for a partner in ministry. However, even though these verses complete Moses’ call, it is Aaron who is summoned by God at the opening of this text. “Go into the wilderness,” God says to Aaron (v. 27). “So he went; and he met [Moses] at the mountain of God.” (v. 27). Aaron simply heeds God’s call and goes into the wilderness, the: wild, dangerous, free – the very nature of God. But that’s where the mountain of God sits – in the wilderness; that’s where Aaron meets Moses, that’s where Aaron meets God, and that’s where this tandem begins their ministry journey together as they bring good news to the people of Israel. Bringing good news to the people required that Aaron and Moses go on a journey into the wilderness to meet one another and to meet God.

And Lent is our journey into the wilderness, the wilderness of our own hearts – wild, dangerous, free. But it is good news that we go on this Lenten journey together. It is good news that we meet God along the way. And it is good news that we return to share the things that God will do . . . because that’s the point of the Lenten season. We journey together to the foot of the cross and we are sent out from there to share the good news of what God is doing for the world. Thanks be to God.


  1. As of the morning, we have our first confirmed case of this virus in Wilkes County (see–case/article_7b54c0f0-7289-11ea-a0b7-ab11f1cc3627.html), but we will continue to remain vigilant in doing our part to limit its spread.
  2. At this point, we will continue to worship together in this same format, streaming our worship services at 10am from this sanctuary. Should that change, we will certainly let you know.
  3. We will live-stream a service of worship on Maundy Thursday at 7:00pm and a service of worship on Good Friday at 7:00pm as well. We hope you’ll tune in and join us.
  4. Because many of the small businesses in the area are closing in accordance with our governor’s stay-at-home order, we will not be able to have easter lily arrangements on Easter Sunday (unfortunately). In lieu of filling our sanctuary with flowers, we ask that you make a donation to Samaritan’s Kitchen in honor or in memory of someone.
  5. It has also been tradition to decorate our cross outside with flowers, so we invite you to come down at some point on Easter Sunday (not all at the same time) to place your flowers on that cross – whenever you get a moment to do so.
  6. If you begin to feel sick with COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), please do not go to the hospital. Instead, healthcare workers are directing people to contact the Health Department (651-7450) to set up an appointment for a drive-up test, after which, individuals should remain self-quarantined until the test results come back.
  7. Continue to pray for those in our community in the deepest need and if you hear of community needs, please let us know by calling the office.
  8. Keep up to date with the latest information by visiting our website or Facebook page.

Thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers and for your patience and understanding during this strange time. Stay safe and may God’s peace be with you all.                    -rc

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