Jun 032020

. . . he used to eat with the Gentiles. (Galatians 2:12b)

Unfortunately, other-ism is alive and well in this country today and, in fact, it is the hypocrisy of Peter’s other-ist tendencies that Paul is confronting here in his letter to the Galatian community. Before the arrival of James and his fundamentalist faction (v. 12), Peter broke bread with Gentiles, extending to them the hand of friendship, but after James’ arrival, Peter (afraid of what people might think) withdrew, condemning the practice of eating with non-Jews. And Paul will have none of it. Paul knows of God’s love for all people and Paul calls us to break bread with the other . . . following the very model of Christ. Therefore, let us not have people say of us, “[they] used to eat with [others].” Instead, let us be people who simply eat with anyone and everyone because we are all welcome at the table.   – rc

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