Jun 172020

They are like trees

planted by streams of water . . . (Psalm 1:3)

A tree that bears fruit is a beautiful thing: it grows, it blossoms, it gives itself to others. And today, the psalmist draws upon this growing, blossoming, giving creation to reflect upon our unity under God’s law, our joy in following God, our call to give of ourselves for the benefit of others. Happy are those who grow in God’s ways. Happy are those who blossom together under God’s law. Happy are those who give of themselves for the good of others – for that is the primary purpose of the fruit tree; it exists to benefit others. But the funny thing is what happens to us when we put down our own ways to “delight in the law of the LORD” (v. 2), when “on [the] law we meditate day and night” (v. 2) – we experience the sheer happiness of growing and blossoming and giving of ourselves and in so doing, the world starts looking more and more like God would want it to look.                       – rc

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