Jun 252020

Restore us, O God;

let your face shine, that we may be saved. (Psalm 80:3, 7, 19)

Today, the psalmist calls out from her despair, cries out in her frustration, sings out her desire for some peace and normalcy in her life. “How long?” she wonders (v. 4). How long will everything be in disarray? How long will the world feel as if it’s crumbling down around us? How long before things are set right? She remembers the good ol’ days when things were going so well (vv. 8–11) but now there is neither rest nor peace. “How long?” she asks. “How long?” It’s the same question many of us are asking ourselves these days. How long will we have to keep this social distancing up? How long will we have to wear these face masks? How long will we be apart from one another? How long?

It is the circumstance(s) of the psalmist that lead her to cry out in hopeful prayer (or, prayerful hope) and it is our own circumstances that lead us to do the same. Restore us. Shine upon us. Save us, we pray. – rc

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