Sep 182020

Therefore let all who are faithful

offer prayer to you;

at a time of distress, the rush of mighty waters

shall not reach them. (Psalm 32:6)

This is a difficult psalm to read right now. On the one hand, it is good to know that God is with us in difficult times, but on the other hand, there are places in our own country where the “rush of mighty waters” (v. 6) have not only reached people but have swallowed them, their homes, their communities. “Therefore let all who are faithful offer prayer” (v. 6) is the psalmist’s call. So we pray. We pray for those on the Atlantic coast and those along the Gulf Coast whose lives have been upended by hurricane winds and flood waters. And we pray for those on the Pacific coast whose lives have been ravaged by raging wildfires. We cry out for God to meet them “at a time of distress” (v. 6). – rc

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