Sep 222020

At Cenchreae he had his hair cut . . .  (Acts 18:18b)

Yes; it’s in the Bible. From Samson’s power-infusing locks (Judg. 13–16) to Job’s shaved head (Job 1:20) to the rules guiding the Nazarites (Numb. 6:5), a concern for hair is woven throughout the biblical tradition. And now Paul delays his missionary expedition to get a quick haircut. But he does so in order to fulfill a vow (v. 18b). While we don’t know what this actually means, it appears that Paul may have been giving thanks for what God had done for him thus far on his journey.

Of course, early in this pandemic, a trip to the barber or the salon was out of the question for us. Many longed for a quick trim, but hair stylists were unable to open their parlors. Now, as shops are opening again, perhaps the next time we go to get those long-desired haircuts, let us join Paul by giving thanks to God. – rc

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