Feb 232011

The backhoes, dump trucks, and grading equipment caught everyone’s attention this week, as the unsightly cinder block retaining wall was removed from our rear parking lot.  As a part of Parks Smithey’s Eagle Scout project, the newly sloped bank will be landscaped with holly bushes, monkey grass, dogwoods, and fresh mulch.  Watch for a former eyesore to become eye-catching as the spring growing season begins!

Mission Cafe’ Begins February 27

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Feb 232011

Everyone is invited to “CRUNCH SOME LUNCH WITH OUR MEXICO BUNCH” beginning on Sundays after worship.  The menu will vary:  soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts–but the cost of $5 per person will go to offset the costs of our mission team’s travel to Mexico.  You GOTTA EAT, so let your lunch help build a church in Mexico!!!!

Dec 022010

North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church’s Facebook’s Page has been deleted by Facebook for being in violation of it’s policies. We are working to resolve this issue, and will have a new page up ASAP. Please check our Twitter page and our website for future updates. Sorry for the inconvience.

UPDATE 1/6/2011- North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church is back on Facebook. In cooperation with Facebook, a new page has been created, adhering to Facebook’s policies. Please like us, by following this link: http://www.facebook.com/nwpres

We’re Back Up!

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Nov 292010

Welcome back to the North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church’s website! I just wanted to welcome you back and tell you that the Website Design Committee is working to start updating the site to where it should be. Sermons have been recovered, and now we are working on updating our News! This site is an evolving thing here at NWPC and we have some interesting things in store. Stay tuned to our Twitter, Calendar, and Facebook pages to keep up to date on the latest happenings, but also make sure to check back often to see the latest changes! Thanks for your continued support.

Smile! NWPC Plans New Pictoral Directory

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Sep 242010

It’s time to update the NWPC directory with the names and faces of all members of our church family! Once again, Cassie Stone is our photographer of choice as she did such beautiful work for us three years ago.

Appointment times will be scheduled for the following dates:

  • Monday, October 11
  • Tuesday, October 12
  • Wednesday, October 13
  • Thursday, October 14
  • Saturday, October 16

Please take a look at your calendars and make plans to sign up to get your photo taken on one of these days! You may sign up before or after Sunday worship or by calling the church office at 667-1288.