Congregational Care


While every NWPC member has a role in showing mutual care to one another, a large and loving team of caregivers assures that the specific and ongoing needs of our congregation are met.  Committee members visit hospitals and nursing homes, provide meals for families in times of illness or grief, offer love and friendship to shut-ins, and keep the needs of our church family at the heart of their prayers and actions.

Congregational Care Statement of Purpose

1.  To minister to the needs of persons within our congregation in times of bereavement, illness, family crisis, births, marriages, etc.

2.  To visit the home-bound within our congregation.

3.  To provide a prayer ministry for our congregation, including prayer chains and intercessory prayer.

4.  To oversee the operation of the Good Shepherd Program.

5.  To stay in touch with and support both our students away and our armed services personnel.

If you know of a need within our congregation, please contact the church office at 336-667-1288.



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