Like all Presbyterian churches, NWPC is led by a group of elected officers (elders) known as the Session. These eighteen women and men are organized into three “year-groups:” each year one class of six rotates off and a new class is elected, providing for both stability and change in our leadership.  We also have one youth elder who serves a one-year term.

Elders lead the work of the church by chairing congregational committees (for example, Worship, Mission and Outreach, Fellowship, Building and Grounds).  They also aid in teaching, visitation, and the care and nurture of the congregation.  A good way to think of Presbyterian leadership is that the church is staff-supported but member-led!

North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church is also a member of Salem Presbytery and partners with Presbyterian churches within this part of the state to support local, national, and international missions, provide educational services, and support local congregations and clergy.

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