A Wonderful Mission Trip!

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Sep 142011

A rousing game of pato, pato, pavo: duck, duck, turkey!

In June, our mission trip to San Caralampio, Chiapas, Mexico was a huge success! Our team of ten adults and fourteen high school/college students departed on June 25, and after about 18 hours of travel, we arrived in the small mountain village about 100 miles from the Guatemala border.

While there, we assisted in the construction of a church fellowship hall, led Bible school for over 100 young people, worshipped, sang, played, rejoiced, and ate with the villagers. Our two greatest lessons? Perhaps these: (1). Love will cross every boundary of language and culture (and 2). As Americans, we live as people of great privilege in a world where most people have fewer opportunities and fewer possessions–“From those to whom much has been given, much will be required.